Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was an architect who became a mother and discovered a wonderful world full of fantasy and colors, a world that could be reinvented and enriched every day, a space that transformed as her daughter grew. It was 1999 and in Italy there was still little in terms of furniture and design for children, so BINNICHI’ was born and began searching for new products and ideas throughout Europe. Even after many years, BINNICHI’ remains a point of reference for those seeking design products of quality for children and teenagers, with original and carefully selected brands. A place to create customized objects and projects.

Nothing is chosen randomly; everything is proposed, evaluated, and recommended by those who believe in what they do, because that is the decision they have made: to put their profession and knowledge at the service of those who want to create and furnish suitable and beautiful environments for children, whether they are parents or professionals seeking ideas and solutions.

binnichi roma

From 2023 until today

I, Raquel, an architect from Barcelona, after many years living and working in London where I built a family, decided to reinvent myself in Rome, the city where my children's father lives. Just arrived in my new city, I accepted the proposal from my husband's cousin, who asked for my help in choosing wallpaper for the girls' rooms. That's how I met Antonella and almost spontaneously became part of BINNICHI’, taking charge of the website. Dedication, passion, and enthusiasm in driving this project forward, eager to contribute to family spaces and, above all, to the little ones, the creative point to make their dreams come true. With this idea and my accumulated years of professional experience, I make my knowledge available to you, my clients, to answer your questions, resolve your doubts, and advise you. I look forward to welcoming you!